A Quaker Faith Community

Sunday Morning

Unprogrammed / Silent Worship

9 a.m. – We offer in our Chapel (Haworth Chapel) a traditional silent /unprogrammed worship. This is a worship experience in which folks gather and enter into worship through silence. There is no prepared sermon and those gathered are welcome to share what is called “vocal ministry.” This sharing is done spontaneously out of the silence as a person feels led by the Spirit. There are other times where the whole time is spent in silence. The main goal is to faithfully follow the Spirit’s leading. This worship lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Coffee & Fellowship

9:30 a.m. – A time of Coffee & Fellowship is offered in our Fellowship Hall (Ragan Fellowship Hall) prior to our 10 a.m. meeting for worship. You can get a cup of coffee or tea and often there are donuts available. It’s a great time to connect with folks slow down prior to worship.

Meeting for Worship

10 a.m. – Our worship is held in the Worship Room (Sanctuary) and offers a traditional worship style with hymns, sharing of prayer concerns, receiving of an offering, and a prepared sermon. During this worship, we offer a silence space of approximately five to ten minutes called “Open Worship”. This is after the sermon and invites those gathered to reflect on the sermon as well as listen deeply to how the Spirit may be speaking to them.

Faith & Learning Conversation

11 a.m. – This time is typically an experience of “digging deeper” into the sermon and the Scripture. It’s a way of exploring how to put into action what we have learned and heard. Other times, we might have a topical study or a special speaker. This time is often more participatory than our worship with opportunity for discussion, conversation, and questions.


A nursery for young children is available during our 10 a.m. worship. It is staffed by an adult, and we provide safe and interactive care for the children.

Bible Study

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Each Tuesday morning we offer a Bible Study that is open to all ages. It begins at 10 a.m. and is typically over by 11:15 a.m. This is a participatory Bible Study that invites discussion, questions, and conversation. For more information on the Bible Study, please contact Scott Wagoner at scott.wagoner@highpointfriends.org.

Center for Spiritual Deepening and Development

A “true interior and spiritual life” is defined by Thomas Merton, renowned theologian, poet and scholar as “true growth, on my own, in depth, in a new direction. Whatever new direction God opens up for me. My job is to press forward, to grow interiorly, to pray, to break away from attachments and to defy fears, to grow in faith, which has its own solitude, to seek an entirely new perspective and new dimension in my life.”

Each of us longs to live deeply and authentically, to find our unique spiritual calling and live into it.

The theologian Frederick Buechner describes this call as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” This soul-work is the mission of the Center for Spiritual Deepening and Development. In doing this work of spiritual growth, we steward our faith, bear fruit and flourish; live wholeheartedly, wisely and well.